David Gilbert


I have always been fascinated by form and colour, and these are strong themes in my work. 

My sculptures, predominantly in stone and wood, have a strong figurative theme around the human form, where I try to express movement or emotional energy in different contexts. 

I paint with watercolours – often using basic pigments and egg tempera, as well as with oils and acrylic; I also gild some of my paintings and sculptures. 

Printmaking is another activity, where I like to combine carving and engraving with my interests in colour. Overall I like to understand the materials that I work with, and to explore how traditional techniques can be used in a modern context.


My sculptures are mainly figurative, and often convey dynamism or emotion. I enjoy working by hand, and love the hidden surprises that the materials reveal.


My paintings explore the vibrant use of colour and form, from spontaneous watercolour sketches to detailed works with pigments in egg tempera.


I often take a sketchbook on my walks and travels, capturing my feelings about places with spontaneous and rapid watercolour and ink paintings.


Printmaking combines colour and form with mark making on various surfaces. Currently I am exploring woodblock printing using my own water-based pigment inks.

Sculpturally exotic garden

Exotic, huge, recently-designed garden, featuring tropical/Mediterranean-zone plants. Dramatic, architectural planting including bananas, large tree ferns and rare palms, weave along curving stone paths.